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Saturday 16 April: registration chain and security visits

8a.m – Registration Chain and security visits
2p.m– “Chaîne Avitaillement” and opening ceremony

Sunday, April 17: practice race

12a.m – opening of the requirement for a training session (reserved for this regularly attending the EDHEC Sailing Cup)
2p.m– practice race

Monday, April 18: launch of the competition

09a.m – mandatory skippers’ Briefing *.
11a.m – 1 warning

* The skippers will have to sign in order to prove their presence at the briefing. The penalties incurred if the skipper skips the briefing are at the discretion of the jury.

Tuesday, April 19: Port Escale Orange

11a.m – for non-participants in the Port Escale Orange: 1 warning for the Longtze, J80 and Grand Surprises: coastal or tactical races in Roscoff

Port Escale Orange: Trébeurden stopover 

09a.m – Briefing Port Escale Orange *.
11a.m – 1 warning for the IRC boats: coastal step in Trébeurden
5p.m – arrival at Trébeurden for the crews of the PEO fleet.
6p.m – happy hour Orange
7p.m – dinner under a marquee, marine songs of tricorn
9ho.m- 2a.m – evening under the marquee, DJ set Enguerran DLC

Wednesday, April 20: back to Roscoff

11a.m – 1 Signal of departure for the Longtze, the J80 and Grand Surprises: tactical or coastal races in Roscoff

Port Escale Orange Trébeurden

08a.m – Trébeurden annotating for the PEO fleet
10a.m – 1 warning signal to Trébeurden for the HN: coastal course to Roscoff

Thursday, April 21: partners day

11a.m – 1 warning (all fleets)

Friday, April 22: last day of competition

11a.m – 1 warning
22p.m – Publication of the list of crews selected for the final

Saturday, April 23: the finale

For the qualified teams for the final: 

10a.m – ultimate contest
2p.m – contest of jokes inter-school 6p.m – awards ceremony


07:45a.m – Briefing of the selected crews
08a.m – draw to the fate of the boats
08:15a.m – inventory of boats
10a.m – training
11a.m – 1 warning
5p.m – opening ceremony of proclamation of the results and conclusion of the 48th EDHEC Sailing Cup

Land Trophy

The attendance sheet must be signes in the land trophy bungalow unless otherwise stated. Departure shuttles will be in the parking lot around the Village.

Sunday, April 17: the prologue (orienteering)
3km on the edge of Perharidi

7a.m – 8a.m: check-in and breakfast
8a.m: shuttle departure
9a.m – 9:30a.m: Briefing
10a.m: start of the event

Monday, April 18: trail coastal and orienteering
Starting on the Dossen Beach to get to the port of Moguériec and orienteering in the forest of Santec
Expert: 15km / Discovery: 12km

7a.m – 8:30a.m: check-in and breakfast
9a.m: shuttle departure
9:30a.m – 11a.m: Briefing and picnic
11:30a.m: beginning of the event

Tuesday, April 19: ATV and Bivouac
Mounts of Arrée
Expert: 18km / Discovery: 12km

8a.m – 9:30a.m: breakfast
10a.m – 11a.m: check-in
11:30a.m: shuttle departure
12h30a.m: Briefing and picnic
2p.m: start of the event
6.30p.m: dinner on the Bivouac
8p.m – 9p.m: show of magician Fred Ericksen
9:30p.m – 11p.m: acoustic groups MmMmM and Torrent of love Concert
11.30p.m: let go of lanterns

Wednesday, April 20: run & bike and orienteering
Departure of Scrignac and arrival in Huelgoat for an orienteering in the forest of the Huelgoat
Run & Bike: 10km
CO Expert: 5km / Discovery: 2.5 km

8a.m – 10a.m: breakfast
10:30a.m: shuttle departure
11a.m: Briefing and picnic
12a.m: start of the race

Thursday 21: coastal trail and canoe
Departure from the port of Trébeurden then test of canoeing on the arm of the sea the bequeath in Lannion. Arrival in Loguivy-aux-Lannion
Trail: 8km
Canoe or market: 6km

8a.m – 10a.m: breakfast
10a.m – 11a.m: check-in
11a.m: shuttle departure
12a.m: Briefing and picnic
1p.m: departure test

Friday, April 22: orienteering
Massif of wood-Meur D’Avaugour
Trail: 3.6 km
Expert: 10km / Discovery: 6km

8a.m – 10a.m: breakfast and check-in
10a.m: shuttle departure
11a.m – 12a.m: Briefing and picnic
12a.m: departure test

Saturday, April 23: finale (kayaking, trail, orienteering)

7a.m – 8a.m: breakfast and check-in
8.30a.m: tray door man, Roscoff
9a.m Briefing on the island of Batz
9:30a.m: departure

Sand Trophy

Everyday a new race, put on your costume based on the daily theme to set the mood on the Village! We have lots of surprises throughout the day to keep entertaining you! Each school will also provide animations on its stand, in addition to the daily challenge ‘Where is Marion Kro?’

Sunday, April 17: Breton day

08a.m – Installation of the stands at the beginning of the Village

Monday, April 18: day kitsch Beach Volleyball

Tuesday, April 19: Roskoh-Lanta Beach Soccer

Tuesday night’s it is Veillée, exceptional evening during which participants will be able to meet in a different setting of the Chap’ and attend many concerts and entertainments!

Wednesday, April 20: Animations Beach Rugby

1p.m – organizors VS mascots Rugby Match

Thursday, April 21: partners days Beach Volley

3p.m – Election Miss & Mister ST

Friday, April 22: International day Beach Soccer

Saturday, April 23: apotheosis

Finale: The finalists of each sport will compete in this last day. Sand trophy winning team will have to get the best results calculating the sum of each sport at the finals and during the sports day Animations.

To fully enjoy your week, find the program of all the animations of the #CCE48 on the schedule!


Saturday April 16: Welcome to the ESC

09a.m – Registration chain
2p.m – Chaîne Avitaillement and opening
3p.m – Event organized by Redbull
4p.m – Aeroscoff, plane show
5p.m – Broken Back Live with Virgin Radio on the snack bar
7p.m – Prechap’ with The Loud Republic

10p.m – 4a.m – opening night: Knight Hood & The Loud Republic

Sunday, April 17: Breton day: soak you to the roscovite atmosphere

09:30a.m – Animation SkimParc sponsored by Atran: sign up for Altran booth!
10: 00 – blessing of the boats with Monseigneur Dognin, Bishop of Quimper; Voltiroscoff (first flights offered by the rally air student winners of the chain stores)
11: 00 – parade of mascots and schools
7 PM – mass in the Church of Roscoff
22 h – 03 h – evening with blue square Records & the Nordisque

Monday, April 18: kitsch day: get out your best costumes for the occasion

09: 00 – 18: 00 – Big Air Bag sponsored by Lidl
10: 00
– petanque tournament

15: 00 – Rap Contenders inter-school, first phase
20: 00 – Election of the best costume
22 h – 03 h – night 80s with Enguerran DLC: come dressed!

Tuesday, April 19: day Roskoh-Lanta: there will be one…

10 h – 17 h – a bartender at Caraibos just to show and makes you enjoy cocktails without booze on the TS
12: 00 – tasting of insects
15: 00 – journey of the survivor; POKERoscoff by Winamax
17 h – test of Poles
Theme nights a trophy (for more info, it’s here)

Wednesday, April 20: day Super Heroes: 3000 Superman to save 100 orgas

09 h – 18 h – Animations with Sopra Steria disability awareness
19: 00 – DJ Contest by Lidl
22 h – 03 h – evening Lidl with Mathias Cooper

Thursday, April 21: day partners: professionals are waiting to meet you

10: 00 – Rap Contenders inter-school, second phase; Final table POKERoscoff by Winamax
13: 00 – discount prices POKERoscoff by Winamax 513 h 30 – shooting-the rope
18:30 – final Contenders inter-school Rap
18: 00 – 21: 00 – Mexican night by Old El Paso
22 h – 03 h – evening No Man’s Lan
d with Adam Trigger: until the JT, the Chap’ separate ladies and gentlemen. Pending the merger of the Chap’, enjoy a distribution of goodies to a Latex Open, and admire our performers, performers and magicians.

Friday, April 22: day international: 23 nationalities in the spotlight

10: 00 – length seems to the Belgian
16 h – organized by Americans slam dunk contest
19: 00 – CEC’s Got Talent
22: 00 – 03 h – frosty evening with Stone Van Brooken & Damien Boutoille

Saturday, April 23: in the quiet closing day

10: 00 – ultimate contest
14: 00 – jokes inter-school competition
18: 00 – discount of the EY trophy and awards ceremony
22 h – 04 h – closing party: an unforgettable evening awaits you with among other Nhyx, Adam Trigger and especially an exclusive showcase of Nekfeu to ignite the Chap’! More info on the Facebook event here.