A volunteer student investment always evolving

In addition to the leading student sport event in Europe, the team of student volunteers who compose the Organizing Team is dedicated to implementing other events during the year. They all develop the same ambitions and focus around the same commitments: solidarity, student responsibility, innovation, respect for the environment and will of professionalism.



the key word

The initiative of sailing for disabled people was launched 3 years ago. The Challenge Handi’Voile Sopra Steria is aimed at involving handi-valid mixed crews in the regatta. Today, it is a very dear project for the EDHEC Sailing Cup. Sopra Steria Mission Handicap supports the association in the search for disabled students, intrigued by the middle of the sail, to enable them to discover this sport and practice it in competition.

The village of the 45th edition already welcomed animations which were designed to educate visitors to the various forms of disability. Two years ago, the project materialized: the 46th edition welcomed five crews composed of able-bodied and disabled people. During the 47th edition, sponsored by the disabled athlete Philippe Croizon, seven hands-valid crews sailed the sea trophy of the EDHEC Sailing Cup. Last year, a dozen of sailing crews, sponsored by Sopra Steria Mission Handicap, sailed along the Roscoff Coast illustrating one of the commitments of the EDHEC race cruise: sail to democratize and make it accessible to all.

With a Village completely accessible for people with reduced mobility and through projects such as the CCE360, the association wants to be a united association and raise awareness around disability. CCE360, innovative and supportive project, is recent. Through a virtual reality mask, children and aged people discover the sailing world in an immersive way and live the experience and sensations of a regatta.


instigating values exceeding self-esteem and appreciation of youth

The EDHEC Sailing Cup is a real immersion into the professional world for both organizers and participants. The operation of this association is similar to that of a small businesses in which organizers divide the tasks.

For the Organization Team, the stakes are high: building the village, ensuring the refueling, dealing with the housing and the safety of all participants, ensuring media coverage of the event, while managing a budget of EUR 2.5 million. More than 40% of that budget is coming from the multiple partners of the EDHEC Sailing Cup (Ford, EY, La Poste…) solicited by the students. These sponsors animate the Village with booths dedicated to them during the event. Thousands of students, future executives, take the opportunity to meet recruiters and discover all the career opportunities that are available to them.

For the participants, competing for the EDHEC Sailing Cup is the result of a significant managerial and entrepreneurial work. Finding motivated people, consolidating team spirit and raising the necessary funds – 6000 euros – to participate to the EDHEC Sailing Cup are real challenges that these students are working to take-up all year round.


consciousness and sustainable development

Each year, the association wishes to present to all participants and visitors an eco-responsible Village. Thus, the Organizing Team implements many environmentally-friendly measures:

  • Reusable glasses required on the Village, designed by standards EcoCup, that can reduce waste through recycling.
  • A collection of corks was launched during the 49th edition in partnership with Les Bouchons d’Amour and Le Casino du Port du Crouesty.
  • To fulfil their professional imperatives, the members travel as much as possible, so as to reduce their ecological footprint (carpool, rental vans, buses…).
  • Each year, the Village has the opportunity to host local producers, who either decided on their own to go meet the visitors or have been contacted on regional markets to promote the culture of proximity.
  • The association feels concerned by sustainable development and appoints to limiting polluting emissions by accompanying the movement of digital transformation and limiting its consumption of paper.


engine of the EDHEC Sailing Cup

The EDHEC Sailing Cup association is composed of 50 students. All have only one goal: undertake and innovate to attract more participants. This desire to undertake became obvious especially during the 47th edition by the launch of the project CCE360, which helped children hospitalized to live the race through virtual reality masks.

This year, organizers, aware of the growing willingness of students to launch their own projects, planned a space dedicated to startups on the Village of the EDHEC Sailing Cup. Young entrepreneurs will also be able to speak about their experience, advise participants on their career choices and ensure the promotion of their products.


a mantra

The EDHEC Sailing Cup is exclusively made of volunteer students, who dedicate between 30 and 40 hours per week to the project, in addition to their studies at the EDHEC Business School. This Organizing Team is composed of responsible students who take first aid and safety excavations lessons during the year of preparation. Furthermore, members in charge of refueling drinks and food as well as the logistics of the event village obtain the license CACES, to be autonomous in the management of stocks once on-site.

These student volunteers are also in charge of pre-building, building, and taking off the entirety of the Village themselves under the supervision of logistic professionals. This entire month spent locally for the event is extremely formative and make them grow up and live an experience that they would have never acquired otherwise.