our volunteer student commitment is not only limited to the ESC

In addition to being the first student sporting event in Europe, the team of volunteer students is dedicated to organizing other events during the year. All of them have the same ambitions:

  • the desire to democratise sailing and share intense moments of sport and friendliness;
  • the will to show we are responsible students and ensure the presence of the association in each major professional event, starting with the Boat Show;
  • the wish to acquire the experience necessary through the organization of the biggest student parties during the year and to deal with 3200 participants under the Chap during the EDHEC Sailing Cup


What is it?

Three times a year, the organizers of the EDHEC Sailing Cup offer festive gatherings in addition to the sports gatherings. These “CCE Nights” are an opportunity for the young generations of organizers, all students and volunteers, to learn how to manage a festive night and deal with 3,200 students on the ESC.

Two of these exceptional “sessions” that allow to discover or relive the atmosphere of the EDHEC Sailing Cup take place in Paris, closer to the former and future participants; the third, the Campus Session, takes place exclusively on the campus of the EDHEC Business School, the school that hosts the organizing association.

Half of the Organizing Team, that is to say 25 students from the same generation, are intensely mobilized during several weeks of preparation to counter all eventualities and ensure an unforgettable evening of celebration to thousands of enthusiastic participants. Management of the drinks inventory, creation of a cashless paying innovative way, set up of the security at the entrance and in the room, held the bar…


What do we do?

Every winter, we make sure to be present at the gathering of the biggest professionals of the sailing world: the Paris International Boat Show. We send our members responsible for the organization of the regatta and of the External Relations during the two weeks that covers the event, freely open to students.

Our stand welcomes all passers-by, lovers of the project or simply curious persons, for discussions full of conviviality. It is also the occasion to come to one of our cocktails! It is a chance for everyone to make the point about the coming EDHEC Sailing Cup but also to try our innovative CCE 360, pioneer in the student world project. Thanks to these virtual reality masks, everyone can feel the emotions of a typical regatta of the Sea Trophy! CCE360 then joins the charity association of Blouses Roses to try these masks in several Pediatric centers of France.